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JEQ Foundation Brochure and Logo Design

The Joseph & Elizabeth Quansah Foundation helps brilliant but needy students attend university in Ghana - West Africa. This life-changing organization not only ensures that those students obtain secondary education, but scholarship recipients also pledge to pay it forward by helping another talented but needy student in the future.


The client needed a brochure that clearly showcases the education crisis in West Africa, tells the organization's story, and outlines ways that donors can help - and what exactly their help provides. There was a lot of text that needed to be on the brochure, and the layout had to be hade in such a way that the reader doesn't get lost in the amount of copy. The current JEQ logo was not very scalable due to the arrangement of letters.


Drawing inspiration form the current color palette of gold, yellow, and blue, and the theme of education, I chose a clean layout with rectangular sections. Each section would hold a different topic, breaking up the text into digestible bits. I selected sentences from the text to turn into block quotes that held the most important points - that way, even if the reader only skims the brochure, they would still understand the crisis, how they can help, and how to donate. Donating is made easy by including a short PayPal link and a QR code on the last page that can be scanned with a phone.
The Futura Bold font is used for the block quotes, and the Helvetica font family is used throughout the other content. A map of Africa on the front of the brochure, with Ghana highlighted, serves to educate USA-based donors on the part of the world they would be helping.

For the logo, I chose an elegant font combination that keeps the elegant, scholarly feel of the previous logo, but that is easier to scale. The fonts used are are Playfair Display and Avenir.

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