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Sanjeevani 4U Brochure Design

Sanjeevani 4 U is a group of professionals and volunteers that provide free advocacy to anyone dealing with stress, crisis, mental health issues, and/or domestic abuse. They offer guidance and actionable tools to help people tackle the challenges in their lives. A 24/7 crisis hotline is in place to help those in need of more clarity, solutions, or a listening ear.


The client needed a brochure that conveys the organization's purpose, and that briefly educates readers about mental health. They did have a previous brochure design that involved simple text fields and stock photos, but had nothing distinct about it.


Every brand needs an origin story that can drive the design. After doing some research about the company's name, I found a focal point rooted in Indian mythology. Sanjeevani is a mythical herb that grows in the Himalayan region, and is purported to heal nearly any disease, even able to bring people back from near-death. The Ramayana tells of a time when the demi-god Hanuman has to bring the herb to his brother to save him from dying on the battlefield. Unable to identify the plant, he picks up the entire mountain and brings it to the battlefield. The herb is administered, and the brother is saved.


For the front cover of the brochure, I used the imagery of a hand lifting or carrying a mountain, echoing the story of Hanuman, and the biblical expression that states that even a little faith is enough to move mountains. The purpose is to create a cross-cultural message that can help people get the tools they need.

For the color palette, I drew inspiration from the colors Sanjeevani were already using for their website - green, yellow, and white. I created flowy, illustrative elements for a calm, relaxed feel reminiscent of green meadows, healing herbs, and helping hands. For tagline on the front cover, I create a playful and dynamic type combination using the fonts Montserrat and Elowen. For a more trustworthy and corporate look, and to make the information easy to read, I used Futura Condensed for the headings, and Helvetica for body paragraphs. The result is a pleasant and appealing design that creates a look and feel of healing and peace.

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